6 Mechanical Problems that Can Cause Colorado Motorcycle Accidents

Posted by: Nov 11, 2016By Steve Roberts

motorcycle-mechanical-problemsMotorcycle accidents happen for all kinds of reasons, and often they have nothing to do with error on part of the motorcycle rider or other motorists. Mechanical problems with your motorcycle can surface without your knowledge and can prove costly or fatal in the event of an accident. Awareness of some specific mechanical issues that frequently cause accidents can help you avoid injury.

  1. Malfunctioning or damaged steering mechanisms. Check your steering mechanism regularly and provide the regular maintenance your bike’s manufacturer recommends. Problems with steering can take you by surprise on the road, so prevent an accident by keeping everything in good working order.
  2. Chain slippage or a broken chain. If your bike’s chain is not lubricated or correctly maintained, it can slip or break, causing your bike to skid. Be sure to keep your motorcycle’s chain well lubricated and pulled to the right level of tension, and always check it before you ride.
  3. Tainted fuel lines. If you aren’t using your bike on a regular basis, the gas in the fuel line can go stale, clogging the fuel system. If you ride your motorcycle 25 miles a week or fewer, think about adding a fuel stabilizer to your gas. These additives can help prevent fuel-line clogs.
  4. Tire problems. Before every ride, be sure to check your tire pressure, and look to see that the tires are wearing well. If the tires aren’t wearing well, your bike can lose traction on the road. In addition, check for any holes or leaks before riding.
  5. Worn out or malfunctioning brakes. Brakes are essential for safety on the road, so make sure your motorcycle’s brakes are functioning properly, and keep them in good working order with proper maintenance.
  6. Corroded or uncharged batteries. Again, if you ride your motorcycle relatively infrequently (fewer than 25 miles per week) your battery could become a problem. If you ride infrequently, you can prevent damage to your battery by connecting it to a charger after riding.

In addition to these mechanical problems, motorcyclists should pay attention to all motorcycle recalls. In 2016, a number of manufacturers have put out recalls, including BMW, Ducati, and Honda; additionally, manufacturers are recalling a number of motorcycle helmets. Helmet manufacturers with helmet recalls include Tong Ho Hsing, Tegol, and Ivolution Sports.


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