6 Surprisingly Common Causes of Colorado ATV Accidents

Posted by: Dec 09, 2016By Steve Roberts

colorado-atv-accidentsAll-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are popular sources of recreation in Colorado. They have four wheels and feature low-pressure tires with deep treads for traveling over uneven terrain. Due to the greater stability that four wheels provide, ATVs are safer than motorcycles at lower speeds. However, they are just as dangerous as any other vehicle is at a high speed; possibly more so because of the rough environments in which they’re used. ATV enthusiasts should be aware of these common causes of ATV accidents.

  1. Young Drivers
  2. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that children under age 16 not drive ATVs. Most all-terrain vehicles are for adult use, but parents sometimes allow their children to drive them, which leads to crashes. Additionally, children often operate ATVs without seat belts, helmets, or other safety precautions, greatly increasing the chances of injury in an accident.

  3. Riding on Paved Surfaces
  4. ATVs are for use on off-road terrain. They don’t handle well on roads or other paved surfaces (and it’s illegal to drive an ATV on the road). Riding an ATV in a paved area often leads to accidents.

  5. Riding Double
  6. Manufacturers make very few ATVs to carry more than one rider. Many crashes occur when individuals are riding double on a vehicle intended for one person only.

  7. Performing Stunts
  8. All-terrain vehicles can be fun, and it’s tempting for riders to try exciting stunts and maneuvers. But many crashes occur when riders try to outmaneuver each other by performing dangerous stunts the vehicles were not designed to handle.

  9. Driving in Unfamiliar Territory
  10. Since ATVs are for use in rough terrain, it’s important to be familiar with the area where you’re riding, as hazards can pop up unexpectedly. Many ATV accidents occur when riders are driving recklessly over unfamiliar terrain.

  11. Inexperienced Operators
  12. Research shows inexperienced ATV riders are 13 times more likely than experienced riders are to have a crash in the first month of operating an ATV. An experienced rider should always accompany a more inexperienced one until he or she has gained skill and confidence to operate the vehicle safely.

If you or a loved one has suffed from ATV accidents, please contact the Law Office of Steve Roberts today.


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