Why is it More Difficult to Deal with the Insurance for Crashes with 18 Wheelers?

Posted by: Jun 30, 2017By Steve Roberts

After a collision with another vehicle, dealing with the parties’ insurers is straightforward. It is much more difficult to handle insurance issues after a truck accident. This is due to the fact that different insurance companies may cover the driver, truck, and trucking company. This can result in confusion denied claims. These insurance policies at issue are usually worth a large amount of money. Insurers are notoriously unwilling to approve claims and use questionable tactics. The goal is to get the injured person to settle for a smaller amount. After a collision with a commercial truck, contact a truck accident lawyer. They’ll be able to help you navigate the case.dealing with insurance after 18 wheeler crash

Multiple Insurers

In car accidents, there are usually only two insurance companies to involved. However, a truck crash almost always involves multiple insurance companies. Each attempt to minimize their own liability by shifting responsibility to each other. Liability for a truck accident may extend to multiple parties. The driver, the driver’s employer, the company that loaded the cargo into the truck, and the truck’s owner may be liable. Each of these parties will have a different insurance policy. It is also likely that a different attorney will represent each. A driver injured in a collision with a commercial truck can expect to negotiate with:

  • The trailer’s insurance provider;
  • The cab’s insurer;
  • The company that insured the cargo;
  • The truck owner’s insurer; and
  • The driver’s own insurer.

An insurer may cover both the trailer and the cab. In this case, it may provide separate limits of coverage or multiple policies. Truck accidents are also well-known for causing multi-car pile-ups. This means that injured parties need to contact all the parties. This means dealing with even more insurance companies. In large-scale collisions, this can quickly become overwhelming. Unfortunately, this confusion often results in unfair settlements. Don’t accept a settlement to avoid further stress.

Call Today to Schedule a Meeting With an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney

Commercial truck insurers are notorious for denying valid claims. They want to avoid paying out large sums during settlement. These companies know the ins and outs of the trade. They will take advantage of the situation when possible.

Those facing injuries from a collision with a semi-truck are at a disadvantage. Insurance companies are likely to fight the case tooth and nail. Having the advice and guidance of an attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of negotiations or a trial. Reach out to the Law Office of Steve Roberts, LLC. Call (720) 515-7058 to speak with a truck accident attorney with extensive experience. Consultations are free.


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