Resources for People Who’ve Been Hurt in Colorado Motorcycle Accidents (and Their Families)

Posted by: Nov 04, 2016By Steve Roberts

motorcycle-accident-support-groupsIf you or someone you love receives serious injuries in a motorcycle accident, there are a number of online support resources and groups for Coloradans dealing with the repercussions of their injuries.

Biker Down

Biker Down is a Colorado-based nonprofit that provides services to injured motorcyclists and their families. Biker Laurie Easton founded the organization in 2011 after she was on a ride where a number of riders went down. In addition to providing emotional support to injured riders and their families, Biker Down also assists injured bikers by providing medical equipment and advice regarding financial concerns and insurance.

Daily Strength

Daily Strength is an online community with support groups of all kinds. While it doesn’t pertain to motorcycle accidents specifically, many of the groups on the site – such as a group for dealing with survivor’s guilt, or a group addressing trauma and injuries – offer valuable support and connections for those injured in motorcycle accidents as well as their loved ones.

Brain Line

For those dealing with traumatic brain injury as the result of a motorcycle accident, Brain Line offers a wealth of resources (including Brain Basics, Identifying/Treating Concussions, and PTSD and traumatic brain injuries), tips, and advice for both injured individuals and the people who care about them.

MD Junction

Like Daily Strength, MD Junction offers a range of online support groups for many different issues. There is a group for accidents, one for PTSD, and another for bereavement, so it’s possible to find a supportive online community for your specific situation stemming from a motorcycle accident.

Other Online Support Resources

There are many other places to find support online. Facebook offers a number of online support groups for accident victims, one of the largest being the Survivors of Motor Vehicle Accidents Support Group. Other online communities such as and Mental Health America can help you connect with others who understand your particular situation.

If you or a loved one is dealing with injuries due to a motorcycle accident, you may have a good cause to take legal action. Contact the experienced personal injury team at Colorado Roberts Law today by calling 720-515-7058.


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