Helmet Use and Motorcycle Accidents: Effects on Brain Injuries and Other Costs

Posted by: May 04, 2016By Steve Roberts

motorcycle-helmet-useHelmets may cramp your style a bit, but wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle can dramatically reduce your likelihood of getting injured or dying on the road, according to one recent study. Despite the mounting research on the safety benefits of wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle, three U.S. states don’t have a single law requiring their usage. Many other states set age limitations on motorcycle helmet use. In Colorado, for instance, the law requires helmet usage only of riders and passengers 17 and younger.

Although plenty of information supports the importance of helmet usage from a safety perspective, we don’t often hear about the economic implications of use and non-use.

The Economic Impact of Motorcycle Helmet Use and Accidents

Researchers found that non-helmeted patients required $12,239 more in hospital costs per patient, and they were more likely to use publicly-funded insurance. These patients also required more post-discharge care. Helmeted motorcyclists, alternatively, had lower injury severity and better responses to hospital treatment than did their non-helmeted peers. These hidden costs shed new light on the consequences of a 20-year legislative trend to repeal helmet laws in states across the country.

The researchers warned in the conclusion of their paper that “continuing anti-helmet legislation will impose a substantial economic burden to the healthcare system, the government, and the public.” As the state of health care in the U.S. evolves, they hope Congress focuses more on cutting costs from preventable health issues.

Protecting Yourself

Motorcyclists today must consider the advantages of helmet usage both in terms of personal safety and economics. If you suffered an injury during a Colorado motorcycle accident, irrespective of whether or not you had been wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, we can help. The experienced, effective attorneys at the Law Office of Steve Roberts can advocate aggressively for fair compensation. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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