What Do Clients of the Law Office of Steve Roberts Say?

A member of our family was involved in an auto injury accident in October 2012. Roberts Law came “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” to us. We chose to explore Roberts Law to represent us. We are glad that we did not take the law into our own hands and hired Roberts Law to represent us. Roberts Law gain our trust and appreciation by providing professional guidance and excellent communication all with-in a timely manner. Our same family member was involved in another auto injury accident in July 2015. We had no hesitation, but to call Roberts Law again to represent us. From our family to yours, we “HIGHLY RECOMMEND” you to chose Roberts Law to represent you or someone you care for to represent you in an auto injury accident case. – L.P.

I got involved in an accident i did not know what to do it was on Friday and it was after 5. I call Steve Roberts and he took my call and it was really him no answering service , and it was after business hours he explained everything to me. And he won the case for me God blessed you Steve always professional , and always ask how I was doing. Very awesome lawyer once again thank you very much. – D. Ramos

Hi Steve, just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic job you did for me regarding the motor vehicle accident. Medical bills were paid by the at fault insurance, and I received a fair settlement, more than I expected. Thanks for advocating for me and keeping me updated and informed. I will not hesitate to recommend your services. – Mary H.

Thank you so much! I just want you to know that I will always use you. I will also recommend you to all my people. I found you through a good reference. You are very professional. You should be proud of the things you do for people that are in need. – Roy M.

On March, 2012, my wife Gloria experienced a bad accident at a Wal Mart Store, she slipped and fell on a puddle of spilled fruit juice and injured her knee. I picked her up at the store and took her to emergency, she was attended too and was determined, she had an injury to her knee, the injury was bad enough that she could not put much weight on it.

After giving the matter a lot of thought, based on the fact that Wal Mart while concerned, they were kind of wanting the whole incident to go away ASAP, my wife and I discussed what would be the best way to proceed with this unfortunate incident, I suggested we hire an attorney and get some advice, we called a couple I downloaded from the internet, after talking to one, then the other, we felt they weren’t to interested in the case at all. We were getting a little skeptical at that point, I then went into a different source in the internet and Steve Roberts name popped up, i called him on behalf of my wife and in no time at all, after giving him the story and all of the details, he was very cordial, professional and genuinely concerned, we made an appointment with him and instead of having to go to his office, all the way across town, he came over to our house, in a very informal setting we ended up hiring him.

It has been 10 months since Steve started this case, I have numerous e-mails where he kept in touch with us in all procedures we undertook, such as medical appointments, dealing with medicare etc. etc. There was no incident that took place where we had questions that Steve wasn’t available to answer them for us. Today 01-30-2013, he sent us an e-mail with some tremendously good news, “the case has been settled.” He not only got us what we anticipated we would but he went the extra step and got us more. When I gave my wife the news this morning she was indeed very happy, she commented…”the suffering has been terrific but at least Steve was able to get her a financial compensation for her sufferings.” Thank you Steve for your dedication to your clients, keep up the good work and we will recommend you to others if the need arises. – Solomon P

Hi, Steve! Just wanted to thank you for the fabulous job you did for me in dealing with those pesky insurance guys after my auto accident in California last year. I don’t know what I would have done if you had not gone the distance. You are amazing! – Vicki C

After my accident I was stuck with medical bills that I couldn’t pay. Steve took my case on and I was shocked how quickly he resolved my case. I got all my medical bills paid and got money for myself. I’d definitely recommend him to someone who has been involved in an accident. – Mike D

Steve was such a blessing to me after I got hurt at work. I tried to deal with the insurance company on my own, but ultimately, just needed help with the whole situation. Steve not only provided that help but alleviated all of my concerns and worries along the way. He took care of everything! All I had to do is wait for his communications, which always came in clear, concise phone calls and e-mails that were easy to understand. I didn’t have to pay for anything until my case was settled with the insurance company, which was really important to me, since I was out of work and not able to pay. I don’t know what I would have done without him. I would recommend Steve to anyone who has a Workman’s Comp case! – Christina H

Steve helped me in my auto accident, even when the other driver’s insurance company tried to say it was a minor accident and offered me less money than my medical bills. He worked to get the best result possible for me and treated me like a friend. I went back to him later when a semi-truck hit me on the interstate and again was very happy with the result of that case. – Dennis N