What to Do If You Suspect the Person Who Caused Your Motorcycle Accident Was High

Posted by: Aug 29, 2016By Steve Roberts

marijuana-motorcycle-accidentDriving while under the influence of any substance is a serious issue. While recreational use of marijuana is legal in Colorado, it’s still illegal to drive while high on pot. In fact, Colorado law has set the legal limit of THC in a driver’s blood at 5 nanograms.

What You Should Do if You Suspect a Driver Who Caused a Marijuana Motorcycle Accident

If you were involved in a marijuana motorcycle accident, and you believe the driver of the other vehicle was impaired due to marijuana use or some other illicit drug or prescription medication, first things first, you should immediately call the police.

A police report can be used as evidence in court should you need to sue. More importantly, it can be given to your insurance company to use in filing your claim.

You’ll also want to retain the driver of the other vehicle until the police arrive. Don’t let them get away. If needed, hold onto the person’s driver’s license and insurance paperwork until the police arrive, but be careful that you don’t get into an altercation that involves physical violence.

Also, look for and document signs of possible marijuana use, such as:

  • Bloodshot eyes
  • A pot odor
  • Short attention span
  • Talkativeness
  • Ditching items from the vehicle
  • Unusual secretiveness
  • Eye drop usage

While possession of marijuana in Colorado is not illegal if the pot was obtained legally, some drivers may attempt to ditch substances or paraphernalia if they think such evidence can be used against them in a DUI situation, so watch to see how the other driver acts while you are waiting for the police to arrive. Tell the police everything you see and hear.

If you were a victim of a motorcycle accident, and you believe the other driver’s marijuana use caused or contributed to your accident, call an experienced Denver personal injury attorney today at 720-515-7058.


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