Denver Personal Injury Lawyer

After a serious injury, it can be difficult to get life back on track. We understand that dealing with an insurance company while you’re trying to heal is frustrating. That’s why we take on the burden for you.

If you’re looking for a Denver Personal Injury Lawyer, the Law Office of Steve Roberts is your best bet. We are dedicated to improving the lives of and obtaining justice for personal injury victims.

We know that your injuries, suffered through no fault of your own, affect you and your family very personally. Our primary focus is ensuring you’re able to heal and move on with the same quality of life you had before.

When you or someone you love suffer the consequences of a serious personal injury accident you can lose your health, your income, your peace of mind, and even a child or a spouse.

This leaves you to handle what are most often large medical bills, lost income, and the devastating emotional distress that follows in the wake of such accidents. If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury in Denver or throughout Colorado, contact us today for a free case review from personal injury lawyer Steve Roberts.


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Compassionate Personal Injury Advocacy

You do not have to suffer alone. At the Law Office of Steve Roberts, LLC, we view your personal injuries just as personally as you do. We commit ourselves to helping you recover fully from your loss. This means fighting for you to recover the maximum amount of monetary damages available to you under law.

However, it’s not just about money; we also handle the personal side of your loss, we stay personally involved with you and your family from the moment you contact our firm until your case is resolved either by settlement or trial. Fighting for you every step of the way.

We want you to feel comfortable with your lawyer and with our law firm. Even one telephone call may ease some of your concerns and fears. It can certainly provide us the opportunity to answer many of the questions you have about your legal rights.

We do not charge for consultations. And we only represent people on a contingent fee basis, which means you will not pay attorneys’ fees unless you win.

Timeline of a Personal Injury Claim

Get Medical Treatment

Seeing a doctor and getting treatment for your injuries is essential. Not only is the first step on the road to recovery, it also provides the evidence needed for your claim. If you don’t get treatment, the insurance company will assume you aren’t hurt.

First and foremost is our clients’ health; we want you on the road to recovery as soon as possible, while we work immediately to start protecting your rights.

Hire a Lawyer

We do suggest you contact a lawyer as soon as you’re able, given your injuries. The insurance company will not wait for you to get an attorney, they’ll begin collecting information from you immediately, so begin protecting yourself immediately.

Choosing a lawyer can be a tough process. You need to find someone you can trust and someone who will communicate with you about your case. Give us a chance to explain what it’s like working with the Law Office of Steve Roberts and we believe you’ll see why we’re the best choice.


Once you’ve hired a personal injury lawyer, the investigation will begin. Your lawyer will examine the case, discussing all aspects of the case with you, and any potential witnesses, and experts. The attorney upon investigation, will discuss how best to proceed with your injury case.

Making the Demand

After all evidence has been collected your lawyer will submit a demand. Many injury claims are settled before the need for a lawsuit, and this may or may not happen with your case. The first step in trying to settle a case before a lawsuit comes when the personal injury attorney submits a demand. This is a request for payment based on your injuries and damages. After submittal, the insurance company will either deny or accept the demand. If they deny it, their may be a negotiation. If a fair settlement can’t be reached, a lawsuit will be filed.

Filing a Lawsuit

If pre-litigation negotiations have been exhausted, your lawyer will have to file a lawsuit. This starts the clock of moving the case toward trial. The duration of litigation varies on a case by case basis. Parties often continue to negotiate while the case moves toward trial.


During this phase, opposing sides investigate claims and defenses. Both plaintiff and defendants can send interrogatories, which are questions related to the case. There are often depositions and occasionally expert examinations. Your attorney will explain each and every process with you as litigation proceeds.

Further Negotations/Mediation

Around the time discovery is wrapping up, attorneys usually start discussing a settlement. Now that all of the evidence is disclosed, reaching an agreement is more likely. If necessary, the sides may be required to go to mediation. This is simply a negotiation with the help of an uninterested third party (the mediator, often times a retired judge).

Trial or Settlement

The case ends with either a settlement or the resolution of the trial. Each case is different and your attorney and you will have open communication, so the best path is taken for your individual case.

Areas of Practice

As a Colorado Injury Lawyer, I handle personal injury cases where you, or a loved one, have been injured as the result of another. We work to make sure that you are not taken advantage of and receive all remedies allowed under the law. Some of the types of injury cases we handle:

Client Testimonials

I got involved in an accident i did not know what to do it was on Friday and it was after 5. I call Steve Roberts and he took my call and it was really him no answering service , and it was after business hours he explained everything to me. And he won the case for me God blessed you Steve always professional , and always ask how I was doing. Very awesome lawyer once again thank you very much. – D. Ramos

Steve helped me in my auto accident, even when the other driver’s insurance company tried to say it was a minor accident and offered me less money than my medical bills. He worked to get the best result possible for me and treated me like a friend. I went back to him later when a semi-truck hit me on the interstate and again was very happy with the result of that case. – Dennis N

After my accident I was stuck with medical bills that I couldn’t pay. Steve took my case on and I was shocked how quickly he resolved my case. I got all my medical bills paid and got money for myself. I’d definitely recommend him to someone who has been involved in an accident. – Mike D

Just wanted to thank you for the fabulous job you did for me in dealing with those pesky insurance guys after my auto accident last year. I don’t know what I would have done if you had not gone the distance. You are amazing! – Vicki C