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For representation in Colorado slip and fall accidents, reach out to Denver slip and fall lawyer Steve Roberts. Generally, landowners have a duty to maintain and keep their property in a reasonably safe condition to avoid injuring those who are on the property. There are different requirements according to the law based on each particular case. For example – your classification while you were on the property in question according to the law. Due to the complexity of these liability issues, it is strongly recommended that you consult an experienced attorney if you have been injured on the property of another person or business.

What is Premises Liability Law in Colorado?

An injury case that happens on someone else’s property is called a “premises liability” case. It is important to speak with an experienced premises liability attorney. Your attorney will look at your case and review the Colorado Premises Liability Act. Based on your specific facts your attorney will be able to give the best advice on your case.

Keep in mind, as a plaintiff (someone who brings the lawsuit) you need to prove that your injuries were the result of another party breaking the law. Navigating the process is difficult. In order to recover all of the damages owed to you, you need to work with an experienced attorney. Liability is notoriously difficult to prove in slip and fall cases, but a good attorney can help.

Many types of injuries fall within the umbrella of premises liability. The Colorado Premises liability act covers the following types of injuries from slip and fall accidents:

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  • Paralysis
  • Broken Bones Requiring Surgery
  • Brain Injury
  • Dislocation of an Arm or Leg
  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Neck and Back Injuries

Injuries should be reviewed on a case by case basis. It is important to get medical treatment as soon as possible after the injury happens.

Do I Need a Slip and Fall Lawyer?

Building codes and safety standards require landowners to keep property in good repair. They risk lawsuits for slip and fall or premises liability issues if they do not. However, proving that a building or lot didn’t meet standards can be difficult. The incident may require an expert to examine the scene and offer their opinion. Hiring a slip and fall lawyer makes this process much easier. Insurance companies can be especially difficult to deal with in slip and fall cases.

Slip and Fall Case Results

Slip and fall cases are very difficult cases, they’re fact dependent,
often turning on a few factual specific details.

We represented an excellent woman, who had started a non-profit organization here in Denver, Colorado. She was shopping at a store and ultimately fell on ice in an area that a store employee had directed her to go to in order to get the item she was looking for. No one from the store was there to see her fall or help her, so she laid there. She ended up calling her daughter, and then her daughter called the store to have employees go help our client. While our client waited for help, laying on the ice as she couldn’t get up, she took photographs of the area. Liability was initially denied, but after a tough bout of litigation in federal court we were able to achieve a result that pleased our client.

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