denver-traumatic-brain-injury-attorneyTraumatic brain injuries (TBIs) afflict over 1.7 million Americans every year, leading to 270,000 hospitalizations and over 52,000 deaths, according to the National Statistical Databases. Whether your toddler hit his head on a playground after slipping on a wet ladder, your spouse suffered a concussion in a freeway collision, or you banged your head falling off the roof while painting your house, you probably have many concerns and questions about the TBI.

In addition to the medical concerns, you might be wondering how and whether you might be able to obtain compensation. You will have to seek it from a person or party who caused the injury. Depending on the situation, you may be able to hold this defendant (or an insurance company that represents him or her) responsible for an array of costs. This includes lost time at work, medical bills, therapy costs, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, punitive damages and more. However, traumatic brain injury cases can be quite complex, both medically and legally speaking.

Common Causes of TBIs and Relevant Statistics

Falls account for 35.2% of all TBIs. Motor vehicle accidents and so-called “struck by” events each account for around 17% of cases. Violent assaults account for another 10%, and the final 21% includes miscellaneous factors. Males are one-and-half times more likely to sustain a brain injury. Tragically, the most at-risk groups for these injuries include teenagers (ages 14 through 19) and young children (ages 0 thru 4).

Building a Traumatic Brain Injury Case to Obtain Compensation

To win, you need to demonstrate that a person or party directly or indirectly caused the TBI. You also must prove that the TBI led to costs for you. In addition, the person or party who hurt you must have some source of money to compensate you. Let’s say that a drunk driver traveling at 100 miles per hour hits your car and gives you a concussion. If that drunk driver has no insurance and no assets, you might not be able to collect any compensation – except, perhaps, though your own insurance company – even though the other driver clearly was negligent and at fault.

Traumatic Brain Injury Case Results

Brain injury cases are scary in that they often cannot be seen. They also can effect every aspect of a person’s life. We have represented individuals who have suffered brain injuries as a result of automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, and premises liability cases.

This office represented a man who was employed on a ranch. His employer told him to perform a job with another individual that their employer did not train them for. It was also outside of the worker’s capabilities. Additionally, they did not have the proper equipment to perform the job safely. As a result of the men doing what they were told, an accident occurred, a solid metal pipe forcefully struck our client in the head. He experienced a traumatic brain injury as a result of this incident, affecting his behavior, his ability to do basic everyday functions, and causing him to lose vision. We helped this client get money to help him transition into what his life would be like now.

Time Is of the Essence When It Comes to Assembling Your Colorado TBI Case

Our experienced Denver brain injury lawyers understand exactly how to build and win tough, complex TBI cases. Our goal is not simply to help our clients recover money but also to help them regain peace of mind and clarity after very traumatic, sad and scary experiences. Contact the Law Office of Steve Roberts, LLC, at 720-515-7058.