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What Should I Do if a Dog Bites and Injures Me?

After a dog bites you, there are several important steps to take. Let’s review them now:

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  1. Seek prompt medical attention. The longer you wait, the worse your injuries might become. You may also have trouble proving that your injuries were due to the dog bite if you wait too long to seek treatment.
  2. Call animal control or the police to locate and quarantine the dog. The animal should be check for rabies no matter the extent of your injuries. The doctor will have to give you a rabies shot if the animal is not tested.
  3. Additionally, it is important to ask the doctor about the possibility of infection. Dogs’ mouths have thousands of germs and many times the infection from the dog bite can be more serious than the dog bite itself. Infections that are left untreated can lead to surgery, amputation or even death.
  4. You need to make sure that you get the owner of the dog’s name, their address, and information on their homeowner’s policy. It is also important that you report any dog bite or dog attack to law enforcement or animal control. Be sure to ask animal control, law enforcement or your neighbors if the dog has bitten or attacked anyone before. Many times, this will not be the first time the animal has displayed that sort of behavior.
  5. If you are the victim of a dog bite make sure to take pictures of your dog-bite injuries. Pictures can serve as evidence in your claim against the dog owner.

Injuries from Dog Bites are Common

Denver dog bite lawyerThere are more than 1.4 million dogs in Colorado; they truly are man’s best friend. Unfortunately, there are occasions, no matter how few, where these dogs bite/attack individuals. There were over than 2,000 dog bite/attacks in Colorado in 2007, with forty-six percent (46%) happening at someone’s home. Unfortunately, there is no surefire way to determine which dog breeds are more likely to bite attack or kill. Pit bulls, many would think would be number one, but in fact are number two, causing 8.4% of dog bites. Whereas Labrador retrievers accounted for 13.3% of dog bites in Colorado in 2007.

Dog Bite Case Results

Dog bites can be horrific injuries, often necessitating surgery and frequently leaving scars.

This office represented a nice young man who entered a home that was a friend of a friend’s. Once he entered he saw a pit-bull. Our client put his hand out for the dog to sniff, but the dog jumped up and attacked him – clawing and biting his face. Our Client suffered bad cuts and scarring to his face. Through investigation, we were able to find the applicable insurance policy and obtain the policy limits of the policy for our client.

Talk to an Experienced Denver Dog Bite Lawyer

In many cases the responsible party must pay for injuries from dog bite attacks. Determing liability in this cases is difficult. Law dictates that the dog owner or their insurance company pay damages in many cases. Hoever, you may need a lawyer to help you determine liability. Dog bite victims endure estimated losses of more than $1 billion a year and count for about one-third of all Homeowner’s Insurance Claims. Damages may include medical expenses, pain and suffering, emotional distress, lost wages, and future expenses that you may incur. Contact Denver dog bite lawyer Steve Roberts online today. Or, call to speak with an attorney now. Consultations are free, and you won’t pay at all unless we earn a settlement or judgment for you.