As anyone who has ever driven on Interstate 25 during rush hour can attest, one has to always pay attention while driving. Cars are one of the greatest inventions of man. However, no matter how careful we drive car accidents seem to be a part of life. In the United States there are close to 17,000 car accidents reported each day.

Denver car accident lawyer

  • Speeding
  • A driver improperly takes the right of way.
  • A driver follows another vehicle to close (tailgating).
  • Driving while distracted (using a cellphone, operating a stereo)
  • Driving under the influence (DUI).

Car accidents often cause injuries that require medical attention. In these cases, contacting a car accident lawyer is crucial.

Any injury is serious if it hurts and keeps you from the things you enjoy or need to do (i.e., work, activities with family and friends, household upkeep). The speed at which the crash occurred is irrelevant.

If you have any injuries from a car accident, seek medical help right away. After you receive treatment from your injuries, contact an experienced car accident lawyer. Do not speak with the insurance company on your own regarding the facts of the case.

Car Accident Statistics

According to the National Highway Transportation Administration 5.25 million car accidents happen around the world each year. These car accidents often cause personal injuries such as whiplash, back injuries, neck injuries, and even death.

In 2010, 118,021 people passed away due to an accident, according to the Center for Disease Control’s fatality statistics. These statistics underline the importance of safe driving.

The best way to avoid a car accident is to be a safe driver.

Tips to avoid a car accident:

  • Avoid tailgating
  • Stay at least three seconds behind the vehicle in front of you
  • Follow the speed limit
  • Use proper turn signals when changing lanes and making turns
  • Use your rearview and side mirrors to plan your next move and watch other vehicles
  • If you have the desire to become a better driver, look into enrolling in and taking a driving safety course.

Every automobile accident in Colorado is different. Every set of damages, injuries, and losses is unique. At the Law Office of Steve Roberts, LLC we treat each client like an individual . . . and not like just another case. When you call our law firm, you can expect to speak with an attorney. If one is not available, we’ll give you a call back as soon as possible.

Car Accident Case Results

We have represented all types individuals involved in car accidents, from those who suffered whiplash injuries, spinal cord and brain injuries, to families of those who have lost someone in a car accident.

One Client we represented, was a hardworking, great family man who was hit by a drunk driver, going 50 miles per hour. The accident was so severe our client had to be cut out of the vehicle with the jaws-of-life.

Our client was severely injured, affecting his ability to work and necessitating back surgery. We worked diligently and fought through litigation to obtain a substantial amount of money for our client – not only getting every dime we could from the at-fault party but then working to negotiate outstanding medical bills down to enable our client to walk away with the most amount of money possible in his pocket.

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The Law Office of Steve Roberts, LLC, represents individuals involved in car accidents across the State of Colorado. call us even if the driver who hit you did not have insurance, or if you think your injuries and accident are minor; we will hear your case and give you our opinion so that you may decide how to proceed.

We work on a contingency, so you don’t have to pay out pocket. That means we don’t get paid unless we recover for you.